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Sunday, March 25, 2007

apple ipod video

Why you need an Ipod

An Ipod is not just at tape recorder, have you noticed how many people are using them? Lots!! Why? Convenience! Thousands of hours can be recorded, and it is music of exceptional digital quality. You can listen to podcasts, audio books, and watch videos and pictures. It can store from 120 songs to 10,000 songs depending on how much memory you get for it.

Some players have available expansion slots. Expansion slots are integrated receptacles for installing additional memory via a removable memory card (Secure Digital, Multimedia Card, Compact Flash, etc.). Installation is simple; the card simply pushes in and clicks into place. This is so you can upgrade to more memory if you want

Using the USB 2.0 connection from your computer, you can transfer your favorite tunes from a music website to your Ipod quickly and easily. Don’t go for those free download sites on the Internet because they may be illegal. Instead shop around for the many online subscription and pay-per-download music services. This can be a good alternative to iTunes, which is fairly expensive. You can transfer an entire CD to your player using the USB 2.0 connectivity from your PC.

The iPod nano is a fine player, very easy to use and it works nicely with iTunes. It has some little games built in and it is supposed to play videos but the screen is tiny and useless for video. The display screen size is an option that’s up to you. It is also worth considering that mine came with 8G of flash (2000 or so tracks). In comparison to a pocket Pc, this is cheap. The nano is also much smaller than a pocket Pc, you can use it in a shirt pocket and it is hardly noticeable. Battery life is great, about three days on one charge

When you purchase your Ipod don’t forget to buy a good case for it, which will protect it. Don’t damage it! It is fairly common for the Ipod to get scratches on it, so don’t worry about this. Docking cradles, power supply, AC adapters and cables, belt clips, personal speakers, headphones/ear buds, cases, car FM stereo transmitters, lanyards, sync adapters are also available as accessories.

The Ipod has a good rechargeable battery life.The battery on the iPod is good for 20 hours and then it can be recharged, while batteries on MP3 players usually last about 3 hours. The Ipod can do your (to do) list also. Daily tasks list, contact list and calendar; personal organizers, which easily sync with Microsoft Outlook, are available on the Ipod.

Don’t forget that the Ipod is like a regular tape recorder, except you can record a long time because of the large memory space. Find out how to adapt your Ipod with an accessory so it will play over the car speakers as a CD player.

The Ipod is a very versatile gadget that can give hours of enjoyment.
Apple iPod Video


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