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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Apple Ipod Converter

Free iPod Video Converter Tips by Mary Markell

An iPod video converter is a software that will allow you to quickly convert your computer media files (avi,mpeg etc) to a format supported by your iPod. This way you can download, transfer, convert and watch all kind of movies, TV shows and other video files on your iPod. There are a lot of free iPod converters out there and most of them include extra software that will allow you to download video before converting it and playing it in your iPod.

Here is what to look for when choosing a free iPod video converter:

- The video converter software must support as many video file formats as possible (avi, mpeg, wmv, mov, divx are just some popular formats). There are video converters that also support conversion of popular audio files (wav, mp3, ogg, m4a etc). Check out if all the necessary encoders and decoders are included in the software.

- The video conversion speed. A lot of converters while they support all the possible video formats, they are really slow and sometimes they freeze causing a lot of frustration. Many video converters do not support multithreading and batch conversion making the process of video conversion a pain. Batch conversion will allow you to convert more than one video files at the same time.

- The user interface must be friendly and designed in a way that will allow even a total newbie to access all the controls and functions of the video converter software. If a software company creates a user friendly iPod video converter, chances are that the video converter will work properly apart from being user friendly.

- Check out if the iPod video converter allows you to convert a part/segment of the movie. This is a demand if you want to watch just a part of a movie show or a football game. Be sure to use the preview feature if any, to see the output result before converting.

- The quality of the converted media file. Many iPod video converters are really fast but the output is disappointing. Video freezes, audio stops playing, screen turns red or green, short audio or video breaks during playback. This is common for some video converters. Especially if you don't know how to use the conversion process properly. Be careful when adjusting video size, bit rate etc.

Before installing any iPod video converter make sure you have the latest version of firmware for your iPod in order to get the most out of the video converter software. Download the latest firmware for your iPod for free at the apple website.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

apple ipod video

Why you need an Ipod

An Ipod is not just at tape recorder, have you noticed how many people are using them? Lots!! Why? Convenience! Thousands of hours can be recorded, and it is music of exceptional digital quality. You can listen to podcasts, audio books, and watch videos and pictures. It can store from 120 songs to 10,000 songs depending on how much memory you get for it.

Some players have available expansion slots. Expansion slots are integrated receptacles for installing additional memory via a removable memory card (Secure Digital, Multimedia Card, Compact Flash, etc.). Installation is simple; the card simply pushes in and clicks into place. This is so you can upgrade to more memory if you want

Using the USB 2.0 connection from your computer, you can transfer your favorite tunes from a music website to your Ipod quickly and easily. Don’t go for those free download sites on the Internet because they may be illegal. Instead shop around for the many online subscription and pay-per-download music services. This can be a good alternative to iTunes, which is fairly expensive. You can transfer an entire CD to your player using the USB 2.0 connectivity from your PC.

The iPod nano is a fine player, very easy to use and it works nicely with iTunes. It has some little games built in and it is supposed to play videos but the screen is tiny and useless for video. The display screen size is an option that’s up to you. It is also worth considering that mine came with 8G of flash (2000 or so tracks). In comparison to a pocket Pc, this is cheap. The nano is also much smaller than a pocket Pc, you can use it in a shirt pocket and it is hardly noticeable. Battery life is great, about three days on one charge

When you purchase your Ipod don’t forget to buy a good case for it, which will protect it. Don’t damage it! It is fairly common for the Ipod to get scratches on it, so don’t worry about this. Docking cradles, power supply, AC adapters and cables, belt clips, personal speakers, headphones/ear buds, cases, car FM stereo transmitters, lanyards, sync adapters are also available as accessories.

The Ipod has a good rechargeable battery life.The battery on the iPod is good for 20 hours and then it can be recharged, while batteries on MP3 players usually last about 3 hours. The Ipod can do your (to do) list also. Daily tasks list, contact list and calendar; personal organizers, which easily sync with Microsoft Outlook, are available on the Ipod.

Don’t forget that the Ipod is like a regular tape recorder, except you can record a long time because of the large memory space. Find out how to adapt your Ipod with an accessory so it will play over the car speakers as a CD player.

The Ipod is a very versatile gadget that can give hours of enjoyment.
Apple iPod Video

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Apple Ipod Itunes

Ipod And Itunes - Friends Or Foes? by John Roberts

Despite how user friendly itunes is, it can nonetheless prove a real threat to the music collection stored on your iPod. Before saying anything else, rest assured that there are steps you can take to essentially eliminate this risk, but if you keep the default iTunes settings, the risk will remain.

The first impression itunesiTunes gives is that of a very simple and easy to use software to buy music online. It also servers as a library with a huge amount of music data as well as the primary application through which you manage you iPod. Before that slick interface, however, lies cutting-edge encryption, authentication and digital rights management technology (DRM) that tries to make sure that what you download and play on your iPod is actually paid for!

Apart from Apple's own DRM restrictions, itunesiTunes seems to do everything in it's power to make sure you loose your music collection. Here is a list of dangerous itunesiTunes behaviors and settings.


Even if you are a complete beginner using PCs or an iPod, you should never, ever allow for automatic synchronization between your iTunes' music library and the library stored on your iPod. You see, an iPod can only be tied to a single iTunes library, at least in terms of synchronization. Hence, if you connect your iPod to a friend's computer (or vice versa) and iTunes starts synchronizing the two libraries, all content on the iPod will be lost! To avoid that, go to Edit - Preferences - iPod and select Manual Synchronization.

iPod is not a Backup

Many people think that their iPod also acts as a back-up of their music collection. Guess again. Data transfer always happens from your computer to your iPod and not the other way around. So, in the unfortunate event that you computer's hard disk fails and you loose your iTunes library, you can't restore your tracks from an iPod.

3rd Party Solutions

Lucky for us, the huge user base of iPod and iTunes as well as the flexible design of the iPod's operating system have allowed for the creation of 3rd party programs that can help you better manage your iPod music library. SharePod, for example, is a very simple end easy to use application that allows you to transfer songs from your iPod to your PC (and vice versa), manage your iPod playlists, share your iPod tracks across a network and much more. Anapod explorer is a similar application that also allows you to manage photos, notes and contacts, as well as convert music tracks to different file formats.

About the Author
Learn more about legal music downloads at MusicDownloadsGuide

Monday, March 05, 2007

apple ipod video

How to Research Gadgets Online Before You Buy Them by Chris Robertson

Every day new gadgets are coming out on the market. Companies are constantly updating and inventing new devices for the consumers. The newer gadgets are more portable, easier to use and nicer looking than the first models. There are gadgets for just about any task you can imagine.

Gadgets are not just for businessmen and students to labor on. Now, there are electronic devices that help perform simple tasks as well as complicated ones. People of all ages and lifestyles are now carrying their own electronic gadgets around with them.

Shop for Gadgets

Because these gadgets are so popular, many online sites are selling them. You can find almost anything you want. Mobile phones, laptops, MP3 players, cameras, televisions, video games and games consoles are offered in varying brands and prices. There are even sites dedicated to black gadgets only if you're a fan of black gadgets.

If you want to buy electronic gadgets, begin by browsing online stores. Type in your key words and look at the products they have available. Compare the brands and prices on the sites. This will give you a chance to find the best deals. Bookmark the sites that have gadgets that interest you. You can go back to these sites to see the new products as they are added. You can also watch for accessories to gadgets you already own.

Compare Products

Another thing to do is compare the brands and the features they include. For instance, a phone that includes a camera and iPod will cost more than a more basic model. If you want the highest quality, you can search online sites until you find a price you can afford. If you want a durable and dependable product, you are usually better off buying a well-known name brand.

There are many brands and styles of digital cameras now to choose from. Decide what features you want and that will make your search easier. If you are interested in high-quality photos and want higher megapixels, a better zoom or compact size, there are cameras for every need.

Laptops now come in assorted sizes for easy use and carrying. You can find sizes from a 17-inch laptop down to a handheld size computer. The important thing is to find the features that you will utilize. You don't have to sacrifice functions in exchange for a smaller size. Don't settle for a cheap gadget just because the price is good.

Look For Gadgets Now

When you are buying gadgets, it is a good idea to read reviews written about the products. You can find articles written by the company as well as customers. This will give you important information on the performance of the products.

Start your research online now to find the gadgets that are right for you. Take time to look at different sites and products and you will be satisfied with your purchases.

About the Author
Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies. For tips/information, click here: gadgets
Visit Majon's Electronics directory.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Choose the Best Video Converter for Your iPod

Choose the Best Video Converter for Your iPod
By Mark BradyVideo Converter
You want to convert all your movies and videos for your iPod, which is the best software for Pc?

Problem is that if you type into any search engine "video converter for iPod" or "converter ipod video" you get hundreds of results. Which is the best program ? Do they all work the same way? Let´s test five of the most popular Pc programs and see how they compare.

In this review we will test:

- Cucusoft iPod Video Converter
- Xilisoft iPod Video Converter
- iPod Video Converter 2007
- Plato iPod Video Converter
- Yasa iPod Video Converter

We will compare the price, easy of use, effectiveness.


1- iPod Video Converter 2007 -$19.95
2- Plato iPod Video Converter -$25.00
3- Xilisoft iPod Video Converter -$29.00
4- Cucusoft iPod Video Converter -$29.95
5- Yasa iPod Video Converter -$35.00

The winner here is iPod Video Converter 2007 that at $19.95 it is the cheapest of the programs.

Easy of use:

1- iPod Video Converter 2007 - The most easy program to use (5/5)
2- Xilisoft iPod Video Converter Easy to use, nice interface (4/5)
3- Plato iPod Video Converter - Easy to use, decent interafce, many options (4/5)
4- Yasa iPod Video Converter - Decent interface, many options (3/5)
5- Cucusoft iPod Video Converter - Basic Interface (3/5)

The winner here is iPod Video Converter 2007, the best interface, easy to use even without reading a manual.


1- Xilisoft iPod Video Converter - Was able to convert all the movies we tested and has many output options (5/5)
2- iPod Video Converter 2007 - Was able to convert all the movies we tested (4/5)
3- Plato iPod Video Converter - Failed to convert .mov videos (3/5)
4- Yasa iPod Video Converter - Failed to convert .mov videos, crashed many times the Pc (2/5)
5- Cucusoft iPod Video Converter - Failed to convert most videos and is a very unstable program (2/5)

The winner here is Xilisoft iPod Video Converter, it converted all the videos without any problem and has many output options.


1- iPod Video Converter 2007 - 91%
2- Xilisoft iPod Video Converter - 85%
3- Plato iPod Video Converter - 73%
4- Yasa iPod Video Converter - 70%
5- Cucusoft iPod Video Converter - 62%


There are many programs out there that convert video files for the iPod, the five we tested are some of the most popular, but we do have to say that we where a bit disappointed with some results.

Yasa iPod Video Converter and Cucusoft iPod Video Converter where very unstable and often crashed on different computers, Plato iPod Video Converter failed to convert .mov videos. All in all the winner is iPod Video Converter 2007, it has the best interface, it is the most easy to use and simply delivered good quality video output for any video we tested.

For more info about the winner: iPod Video Converter 2007

For more info about how to download free ipod music check other posts on this blog. M.Brady Reviews of the best Pc programs

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